Madden 11 Cover Revelead and the winner is… Drew Brees!

For the first time ever fans were able to choose who they wanted out on the cover of Madden 11 out of 3 worthy candidates.  Viking DE Jared Allen, Colts WR Reggie Wayne and Super Bowl Champs Saints QB Drew Brees.  So who did the fans choose?

Madden 2011 Cover Boy - Super Bowl Champion New Orleans Saints QB Drew Brees

The fans have spoken.. and in Brees they trust for the Madden 2011 cover!

Perks that come with a Super Bowl Championship? How about the cover of Madden 11!


Vote for Madden 11 Cover Guy!

For the first time ever – you the fan will have the opportunity to vote for who you would like to appear on the cover of EA’s coveted sports franchise Madden 2011.

Voting has already begun at The Doritos Change The Game site.  The three candidates include two players that will be participating in the Super Bowl on Sunday, New Orléans Saints QB Drew Brees, Colts Wide Receiver Reggie Wayne and the third candidate is Vikings Defensive End Jared Allen and his mullet.

Who would you like to see on the cover of Madden 2011? Allen, Brees or Wayne? And will any of these guys fall victim to the "Madden Curse"

Personally I’d like to see Allen and his mullet – who would you like to see grace the cover?  Will the Madden Curse follow any of these guys if they grace the cover? Whoever it is, hurry up and vote – the challenge ends on March 15, 2010.

The Madden Curse Strikes Again! Troy Polamalu Injured In Season Debut vs. Titans

Madden claims another victor... (Toons by Liz!)

Madden claims another victim - Troy Polamalu!... (Toons by Liz!)

The Madden Curse strikes again!  If you are unaware of the Madden Curse – please read here.  A quick recap of the curse is that any player who appears on the cover of the famous video game will suffer some type of injury throughout the course of the season.

Long behold Troy Polamalu – Safety for the Pittsburgh Steelers this year’s cover boy suffered a sprained MCL knee injury in last night’s  season opener vs. the Tennessee Titans.

It is unsure how long Polamalu will be out, but it’s rumored to be 3-6 weeks.  It’s a shame that Polamalu was injured during the second quarter of the game because prior to that he was all over the field causing havoc for the Tennessee offense.

Troy had 6 tackles  and one amazing interception on Kerry Collins (see video below).  By far one of the most amazing and athletic interceptions I have ever seen.

Along with Troy, wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald of the Arizona Cardinals also appeared on the cover of Madden 10.  Let’s hope that the curse only claims one victim this year!

Weekly NFL Picks with a lil’ help from Madden 10 – Week 1



Well ladies and gents this concept is not new at all – but I figured I’d give it my own spin. Every week I will be simulating the games scheduled via Madden 10.  Hopefully this will help you with your weekly NFL picks and if it doesn’t I still think it’s going to be fun to see if the Madden rankings and roster updates can stay true to form throughout the season and pick the winners each week accurately.

So without further ado – Week 1 picks presented you by The Sports Bra Reports!

Thursday – Sept 10, 2009

Tennessee Titans at Pittsburgh Steelers

Final Score: Tenn 14 – Pitt 21

Victory for the Superbowl Champs!

Victory for the Superbowl Champs!

Sunday – Sept 13, 2009

Miami Dolphins at Atlanta Falcons

Final Score:  Miami 14 – Atl 28

Denver Broncos at Cincinnati Bengals

Final Score:  Denver 17 – Bengals 24

Minnesota Vikings at Cleveland Browns

Final Score:  Minn 13 – Cleveland 27

Jacksonville Jaguars at Indianapolis Colts

Final Score:  Jags 23 – Colts 24

Detroit Lions at New Orleans Saints

Final Score:  Lions 3 – Saints 37

Dallas Cowboys at Tampa Bay Bucs

Final Score:  Cowboys 24 – Bucs 21 (OT)

Philadelphia Eagles at Carolina Panthers

Final Score:  Eagles 15 – Panthers 30

Kansas City Chiefs at Baltimore Ravens

Final Score:  Chiefs 10 – Ravens 34

New York Jets at Houston Texans

The Mark Sanchez era with the New York Jets will start off with a VICTORY! (I hope!)

The Mark Sanchez era with the New York Jets will start off with a VICTORY! (I hope!)

Final Score:  Jets 17 – Texans 10

Washington Redskins at New York Giants

Final Score:  ‘Skins 7 – Giants 17

San Fransisco 49ers at Arizona Cardinals

Final Score:  49ers 19 – Cards 25

St. Louis Rams at Seattle Seahawks

Final Score:  Rams 19 – Seahawks 28

Chicago Bears at Green Bay Packers

Final Score:  Bears 21 – Packers 13

Monday – September 14, 2009

Buffalo Bills at New England Patriots

Final Score:  Patriots 24 – Bills 14

San Diego Chargers at Oakland Raiders

Final Score:  Chargers 16 – Bills 9


OK, so there we go… The first week results as simulated via Madden.    A few notes you might want to take into account before making your picks, Browns winning over the Vikings is a huge upset, specially now that they have Favre.  Yet that might be the reason for the upset, Farve throwing a few picks and the Browns scoring a few TD’s off of those turnovers.

Another one that caught my eye was the Chargers vs. Raiders results.  Does Madden really think the Chargers will only score 16 on the Raiders?? I would be skeptical about that pick if I were you, not because of the Chargers winning but because it only has then scoring 16 points! On the Raiders! The Chargers will at least go for 35 points in that game – but we’ll just have to wait and see.

So there we go – Our Week 1 simulated results for the NFL Season.  Check back Tuesday morning to see if how we stacked up against the real scores and results.  All I have to ask before signing off is… Are you ready for some football!?!?

As an added Bonus! The Sports Bra Reports – Weekly Picks!

Hmmmm... Winners Will Be...

Hmmmm... Winners Will Be...

Tennessee Titans @ Pittsburgh Steelers – Our Pick Steelers

Miami Dolphins @ Atlanta Falcons – Our pick Dolphins

Denver Broncos @ Cinncinnati Bengals – Our pick Bengals

Minnesota Vikings @ Cleveland Browns – Our pick Vikings

Jacksonville Jaguars @ Indianapolis Colts – Our pick Colts

Detroit Lions @ New Orleans Saints – Our pick Saints

Dallas Cowboys @ Tampa Bay Bucs – Our pick Dallas

Philadelphia Eagles @ Carolina Panthers – Our pick Panthers

Kansas City Chiefs @ Baltimore Ravens – Our pick Ravens

New York Jets @ Houston Texans – Our pick J-e-t-s… JETS! JETS!! JETS!!!

Washington Redskins @ New York Giants – Our pick Giants

San Fransisco 49’ers @ Arizona Cardinals – Our pick Cardinals

St. Louis Rams @ Seatle Seahawks – Our pick Seahawks

Chicago Bears @ Green Bay Packers – Our pick Packers

New England Patriots @ Buffallo Bills – Our pick Patriots

San Diego Chargers @ Oakland Raiders – Our pick Chargers

On Tuesday – we’ll compare our simulated Madden picks and the Sports Bra Reports picks to the actual scores to see how we fared.

Madden 10 Cover – Larry Fitzgerald &Troy Polamalu

After months and months of keeping us guessing the folks at EA sports have unveiled the players who will be gracing Madden 10.  The lucky or unlucky athletes (Madden Curse?) are Larry Fitzgerald, WR for the Arizona Cardinals and Troy Polamalu, Safety for the defending Super Bowl Champs the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Cover - Madden 10

Will both (Polamalu & Fitzgerald) suffer from the Madden Curse? Or maybe only one? Only time will tell...

I’m definitely feeling the cover.  I think once again the folks at EA sports have outdone themselves by choosing two great impact players from the 08 season.  Let’s just hope that they don’t become victims of the Madden Curse.

What do you think… Will the curse continue? Perhaps only affect one these guys? Let me know your thoughts… My call is that one of them will definitely have an injury or will not live up to expectations and the curse will live on.  Either way, great cover and cant’ wait till Madden 10 comes out in August!

Is there a Madden Curse? Perhaps…

In 1999 the acclaimed EA Sports Football game Madden started to feature NFL Football players on the cover along the with John Madden.

In 2001 they completely decided to not have the cover boy  anymore and just feature the NFL players.

1999 is when the Madden Curse was born.

What is the Madden Curse some of you may ask?

The “Madden Curse” is believed to be a jinx of any NFL football player that appears on the cover of the Madden game.  Once they are on the cover, it’s believed that he will suffer from injury at some point during the season or would have a significant decrease in production from the previous years.

Let’s look at the evidence…


1999 – Garrison Hearst –

In 1999 the San Francisco 49er had a great year, he rushed 310 times for 1570 Yards & 7 TD’s.  During a playoff game in 1999 against the Atlanta Falcons Hearst suffered a broken ankle.  The severity of his injury was so serious that Hearst missed the next 2 regular seasons.  He did make a comeback in 01 and became the NFL’s comeback player of the year during that season, but too late the “curse” has been born.


2000 – Barry Sanders

Barry retires after the 99 season from the Lions finishing with an 8-8 record, which doesn’t really apply the Madden curse to him, but I think it passed on to the Detroit Lions b/c they have failed to make the playoffs without Sanders and have been the laughing stock of the NFL including an 0-16 record this past season.


2001 – Eddie George

Prior to gracing the cover of Madden, George had just finished a career year for the Titans, rushing for 1,509 yards & 14 TD’s.  The year that he appeared on the cover of Madden, George only 939 yards, 5 TD’s and averaged less than 3 yards a carry due to a nagging toe injury that limited his play.  George never regained the form that he was in prior to Madden, for the remainder of his career he average less than 3 yards a carry.


2002 – Daunte Culpepper

Daunte’s stats for 2000 – He threw for 4,000 yards, 33 TD’s, rushed for 470 Yards and 7 TD’s.  In 2001 – the year of the Madden cover, he threw 13 INT’s and 14 TD’s and his season was cut short in the 11th game by a back injury.   Just like George, Culpepper was never the same player again.

032003 – Marshall Faulk

Marshall was part of “The Greatest Show on Turf” – In 01 he ran for over 2,000 yards and 21 TD’s.  After appearing on the cover during the 02 season Marshal suffered an ankle injury that limited his numbers to 10 TD’s and 1,600 rushing yards.  Never again did Marshal run for 1,000 yards for the remainder of his career.


2004 – Michael Vick

Perhaps the most notorious NFL player to ever appear on the Madden cover.  Just five days after the game was released Vick was injured during a preseason game and was only able to play in the last five games of the season, throwing for 4 TD’s.  Yet Vick’s Madden misfortune didn’t end there as years later “the curse” continues to haunt him as he serves 1 year sentence for killing dogs and is out of the NFL.


2005 – Ray Lewis

It’s said that for the most part, Lewis avoided “the curse” – he was only injured one game, but throughout the whole season didn’t record a single INT for the first time in his career – but then again, I think “the curse” followed him off the field as he faced murder charges that year.

2006 – Donovan McNabb

The year that McNabb graced the cover, the Eagles didn’t make the playoffs for the first time since 1999, he threw more INT’s than TD’s and he was lost during the 11th game of the season due to a sports hernia.


2007 – Shaun Alexander

In 64 previous games Alexander had never missed a game, but after appearing on the cover, he fractured a bone on his foot and missed six games that season.  He had the lowest total of yards since his rookie season, rushing for 896 yards.


2008 – Vince Young

During the 07 season (the year that he graced the Madden cover) Young threw for 9 TD’s and 17 INT’s.  The following season “the curse” continued to follow him as he was benched in favor of Kerry Collins due to reported “mental health issues.”


2009 – Brett Favre

The unintentional funniest Madden cover to date b/c it has Favre with a Packers uniform, a few days later he was traded the NY Jets where he led the team to a quick start, but then fizzled towards the end of the season leading the team to an 9-7 record, missing the playoffs, and throwing for 22 TD’s & 22 INT’s.


There you have it, is there a Madden curse????

I’ll let you look at the evidence and decide for yourself…