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Ok so it’s been a while… A long, long, long time actually since my last post and quite frankly thats unacceptable! I have to step my game up and I shall, so readers I am back!

Check back in a few hours and you’ll see two updated posts. It feels good to be back! 


World Cup: USA vs. England 1-1 Highlights by Lego

As you probably know by now, USA played England in their opening match of Group C play during the World Cup on Saturday.  The game ended in a 1-1 tie.  England scored first on a goal by midfielder Steven Gerrard.  At the 40th minute of the first half US midfielder Clint Dempsey provided the equalizer.

Many thought the shot by Dempsey had no chance of going of in, but long behold English goal keeper made a mistake and he paid for it.  Haven’t seen the highlights yet? Well have no fear, the folks at gaurdian.co.uk/worldcup2010 have put together this pretty cool video reenactment using Lego’s.

Nike’s Write Your Future Commercial – FIFA Wold Cup 2010

As millions of people all over the world get ready to watch the FIFA 2010 World Cup in South Africa (which begins in mid June) Nike has come out with a commercial that is sure to amp everyone up a bit more.  Featuring some of soccer’s biggest stars including Portugal’s Cristiano Ronaldo, Brazil’s Kaka & Ronaldinho, England’s Wayne Rooney, Italy’s Fabio Cannavaro and a few other stars Nike proves once again that it definitely knows how to make great commercials.  Without further ado, Nike’s Write Your Future full length commercial.

Where will Lebron James Play Next Season?

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The question on everyone's mind... Where will Lebron James play next season? Will it be the Cavs? Maybe the Knicks or Nets?

Last night the Cavs lost in the Eastern Conference semi-finals to the Boston Celtics.  They lost the series 4-2.  Lebron James had his moments during those games, but the bigger picture that everyone kept focussing on was where will Lebron James be playing the 2010-2011 season?

On July 01 teams can begin talking to free agents and I’m pretty sure that every team in the NBA will make its pitch to try to sign the two-time NBA MVP.  According to NBA experts these are the teams that will most likely have the best chance to sign Lebron James next season.

1:  The Cleveland Cavaliers – Lebron is originally from Ohio, will he continue to play for his home town team? Or has he outlasted his stay?

2: New York Knicks – practically tanked the last two season to clear up tons of cap room space to try to sign Lebron James and another big free agent name in 2010 (perhaps Dwayne Wade, Chris Bosh, Joe Johnson?).

3:  New Jersey/York Nets – The Nets have a very good young group of players (Devin Harris, Brook Lopez, Courtney Lee) and are likely to land the #1 Draft pick this summer (perhaps John Wall?).  Another advantage the Nets have Jay-Z is a minority owner and they are super close friends and with the Nets moving to Brooklyn in two years, this might be a good possibility for Lebron.

4: Chicago Bulls – Like the Nets a good core of young players (Derrick Rose, Joakim Noah), but does Lebron want to compete with Michael Jordan’s legacy?

There are many other teams in the mix but I believe those four have the best chance.  Whatever happens it’s going to be an interesting summer as we await for Lebron to choose a team.

Happy Mother’s Day!

In this crazy world we live in today, the one person that remains constant in our lives is our momma’s… So, I wanted to take a moment to thank the women who gave birth and brought us into this world.

To all the mothers out there… HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!


David Wright’s “Situational” Off-Season Training

How did my favorite New York Met David Wright train during the off-season? With “Situational” training of course!

Jersey Shore cast-member Mike “The Situation”  Sorrentino & David Wright star in this training montage for Vitamin Water, hilarious & an instant hit in our books!

2010 March Madness… It’s Awesome Baby!!! Our picks!

March Madness... It's awesome Baby!

March Madness... It's awesome Baby!

2010 March Madness… It’s awesome baby!

March Madness has finally arrived – 64 of the “best” division I Men & Women’s teams compete for the chance to call themselves 2010 NCAA Basketball Champs.

We love March Madness here in the States; it represents all that is great about college basketball.  We have these young adults playing their hearts out, trying to out duel themselves with every dribble, pass, shot & dunk.

It makes for awesome TV.  Plus, we get to compete in all different types of pools and see if we can be the one to pick all the outcomes correctly.  Another bonus is we get to gather around with friends and fans and root on teams for two weeks while enjoying a nice frosty brew or our favorite beverage!

Some interesting facts compiled by Pregame.com president RJ Bell:

  • The NCAA estimates that nearly 31 million Americans participate in their office pools.
  • What are the odds of picking a perfect bracket?  9,223,372,036,854,775,808 to 1.  What does that number mean? It means you have nine quintillion to one chances of picking all 32 outcomes correctly… Umm, good luck!!!
  • #16 seeds are 0 for 88 vs. # 1 seeds.  So if you feel the urge to pick the ultimate upset, please don’t.  Odds are definitely not in your favor and that will totally kill your chances of winning your pool.
  • Superstars make a difference in the NCAA tournament.  If a team has at least one all American, chances are they he/she can lead their team to the promised land.  Out of the last 28 champions, 27 had at least one All-American.

So here at the Sports Bra Reports, in the 2010 NCAA Men’s tournament we have #1 Syracuse from the West Region winning it all.  Take a peek at our selections.

Our picks!

So what do you think ladies and gents, do we have a shot of beating the one in quintillion odds? Who do you have winning it all?

Whether you win your office pool or not, enjoy the ride that is March Madness – great basketball teams competing for a chance at NCAA basketball immortality!

Check back tomorrow for our NCAA Women’s picks!