David Wright’s “Situational” Off-Season Training

How did my favorite New York Met David Wright train during the off-season? With “Situational” training of course!

Jersey Shore cast-member Mike “The Situation”  Sorrentino & David Wright star in this training montage for Vitamin Water, hilarious & an instant hit in our books!


Testing Positive For Steroids – 6 Athletes that Would Shock the World


It's all natural... I swear!

In an era of sports were steroids have taken center stage – I wondered, who would be the 6 Athletes that would shock you, their sports and the world if he/she tested positive for performance enhancing drugs/steroids.

Just in case you were wondering what taking performance enhancing drugs/steroids meant, here are a few ideas of what it does to your body:

  • Athletes use steroids because they enhance muscle strength by encouraging new muscle growth.
  • Build mass and power of muscles and bones.
  • Increase delivery of oxygen to exercising tissues.
  • Mask pain.
  • Helps athletes lose weight.
  • Hides use of other drugs.

Without further ado, The Sports Bra Reports list of 6 athletes that would shock us & I believe the world if they were on the “juice.”

1:  Lebron James – NBA


Lebron  James career averages are 27.3 points, 6.6 assists and 6.9 rebounds – Lebron can run like Iverson, handle the rock like Chris Paul, dunk like Kobe and shoot like Allen.  Lebron is the “Chosen One,” an icon around the world and the future of basketball.  If he used performance enhancing drugs Lebron’s averages could look something like 70 points per game, 25 rebounds, 15 assists, 15 steals – He would just demolish the competition.

2:  Tiger Woods – PGA


Tiger Woods is the most successful golfer in the world.  Throughout his career he’s won 65 PGA Tour Events and 14 majors.   He’s already the most unstoppable force in Golf.. and with if he used steroids nothing would stop him for sure. He’s also the world’s marketable athlete.  If Tiger was on performance enhancing drugs every single tourney would be won by him… there wouldn’t be a PGA, it would be called the Tiger Tour.

3:  Derek Jeter – MLB


The captain of the New York Yankees, 4-time World Series Champion and the one of the guy’s who play’s the game the “right way.”

4 & 5:  Peyton & Eli Manning – NFL


These two brothers are Super Bowl winning quarterbacks, and the faces of their respective teams and the NFL.  They’re the All-American boys of the league and if either was tainted…  boy oh boy, they’re be some fall out for sure.

6:  Mia Hamm – US Soccer


The most iconic female athlete in US. History.  Mia has been an inspiration to millions of female athletes in the world. A dominant force at home and in international soccer.  Mia currently holds the  record for international goals scored by any other player, male or female (158).  Imagine if she was on the juice? Her records would probably something like 350 international goals.

Mackenzie Brown’s Perfect Game – Just One of the Boys

bayone-mackenzie brown 02


Over the course of a Little League baseball season it is believed that about 50-60 perfect games are recorded each year, but how many of those games are thrown by girls playing with the boys?  No one really knows for sure, but what we do know is that one of those gems happened right here in Bayonne, New Jersey.  12-year old Mackenzie Brown – was perfect!

On April 21, 2009 Mackenzie accomplished one of the most extraordinary achievements in baseball – a perfect game.  That day she struck out 12 batters.  Mackenzie says, “In the fourth inning I kind of knew.  Then I just tried to keep doing what I was doing and not try to mess up.”

Mackenzie has been playing with the boys since she was 6 years old, but next year will make the transition to softball because it will offer more opportunities for her to compete at the collegiate level; one of her dreams.

Mackenzie has been receiving a lot of national attention since throwing that perfect game.  She has been on national TV, Sport Center’s Top 10, The Sports Bra Reports and has even thrown out the first pitch for the New York Mets at Citi Field.

Throwing the first pitch @ Citi Field, Home of the Mets.  A memory she's sure to never forget.

Throwing the first pitch @ Citi Field, Home of the Mets. A memory she's sure to never forget.

Mackenzie Brown is one of approximately 100,000 girls who play baseball at the Little League Level.  I believe that it’s great to see that these young female athletes are given the opportunity to compete along with the boys, showing that they too can be perfect among the boys.

Sports Movie Tournament – March Madness Style… CHAMPIONS!

During the past week, The Sports Bra Reports held a tournament for the Greatest Sports Move of all time. In this tournament we had 64 different movies competing in four different brackets.  Basketball, Baseball, Football & Misc. Sports.

The Final Four has produced these four movies from each region.  “White Men Can’t Jump” (Basketball), “A League of Their Own” (Baseball), “Remember the Titans” (Football) & “D2: The Mighty Ducks” (Misc. Region).

In the first match-up of the Greatest Sports Movie Tournament we have:

2:  WHITE MEN CAN’T JUMP vs. 3: A LEAGUE OF THEIR OWN: Tough match up here, in one corner we have Billy, Sidney & their non-stop trash talking – but they also have the skills to back it up.  In the other corner we have the Peaches & Jimmy Dugan, Dotty and Kitt.
WINNER:  2: WHITE MEN CAN’T JUMP – “I’ll tell you what. Why don’t we take all these bricks and build a shelter for the homeless, so maybe your mother will have a place to stay.” – Sidney

1: REMEMBER THE TITANS vs. 4: D2: THE MIGHTY DUCKS: Titans vs. Mighty Ducks. Coach Boone vs. Coach Bombay.
WINNER: 1: REMEMBER THE TITANS – Sorry Ducks, better luck next year but the Titans will go on to the Finals.


2: WHITE MEN CAN’T JUMP vs. 1: REMEMBER THE TITANS: Basketball vs. Football. Billy Hoyle & Sidney Deane vs. Coach Boone & the Titans.
WINNER: 2: WHITE MEN CAN’T JUMP – In an upset, I’m going to give the victory to Billy & Sidney.  Perhaps I’m partial to this movie because I am a bigger basketball fan that I am a football fan.  When I was a kid watching this movie it inspired me to go out to the playgrounds and play some ball.  Plus you have to respect the hustle of both players.

So congrats to 2: WHITE MEN CAN’T JUMP as it is the official winner of “The Greatest Sports Movie Tournament.”

sports-bra-sports-movie-champions-white-men can't jump

I don't mean to brag... but I'm the greatest! - Sidney Dean

I don't mean to brag... but I'm the greatest! - Sidney Dean

Agree or disagree with the choice? Let me know… thoughts are welcomed!

Sports Movie Tournament – March Madness Style… Part II (Basketball & Baseball Regions)

Yesterday The Sports Bra Reports posted the greatest 64 sports movie.  In the spirit of March Madness we arranged the 64 movies into 4 different brackets to determine the greatest sport movie of all time.  Today we’ll be breaking down the Basketball & Baseball Regions. Let’s see which of these 34 teams advance to the Final Four of the the Official Sports Bra Reports “Sports Movie Tournament”.


sports-bra-basketball-region-final-four(CLICK TO ENLARGE)



1: HOOSIERS vs. 16: EDDIE – Hmmmm, tough one… Sike!  Good ol’ underdog story vs. Whoopi Gholdberg as Eddie a NY Knickerbockers fan who has the chance to lead her team for the playoff – Clear choice here.

8: COACH CARTER vs. 9: SPACE JAM – Coach Carter vs. Michael Jordan, the Toon Squad and the Monstars.

5: BLUE CHIPS vs. 12: BASKETBALL DIARIES – Penny, Shaq, & Nolte vs. a young Leo DiCaprio.

– Quincy & Monica competing on and off the court vs. the story of a NYC playground legend.

6: HE GOT GAME vs. 11: GLORY ROAD – Denzel and Ray Allen as Jake and Jesus Shuttleworth vs. Texas Western and the first all black starting line up in NCAA History.
WINNER: In the first upset of the tournament, I’m taking 11: GLORY ROAD.

3: ABOVE THE RIM vs. 14: SEMI-PRO – Above the Rim introduced the toughness of NYC playground basketball, plus gave us a valuable lesson “always remember to spread your fingers,” when shooting vs. Jackie Moon & the Flint Tropics of the ABA.
WINNER: 3: ABOVE THE RIM – Jackie Moon’s “Love me sexy” is still a classic.

7: TEEN WOLF vs. 10: HEAVEN IS A PLAYGROUND – Michael J. Fox as Scotty aka Teen Wolf vs.  a lawyer and coach who team up to keep the inner city kids of Chicago out of trouble through basketball.
WINNER: 7: TEEN WOLF – He’s a werewolf who plays basketball… No competition!

2: WHITE MEN CAN’T JUMP VS. AIR UP THERE: Billy Hoyle and Sidney Dean – the greatest street ball duo to ever grace the big screen vs. Bacon (who didn’t really look like he can play ball) & Saleh (a Manute Bol) look a-like.
WINNER: 2: WHITE MEN CAN’T JUMP – “I can hear Jimi!”


: A coach and it’s players overcoming all odds to reach the state championship game vs. Michael Jordan (greatest player ever!), the Toon Squad & the Monstars.
WINNER: In a stunning upset – 9: SPACE JAM… MJ, Bugs, Daffy & Tweety… These guys refuse to go down.

5: BLUE CHIPS vs. 4: LOVE & BASKETBALL – A once clean-cut Coach turning to dirty tricks to land star players vs. USC phenoms Quincy & Monica.
WINNER: 4: LOVE & BASKETBALL – One of the greatest scenes in any basketball movie, the one-on-one at the end of the game.

11: GLORY ROAD vs. 3:ABOVE THE RIM – True & inspirational story in Glory Road vs. Above the Rim – with Tupac, Leon, Bernie Mac, & Marlon Wayans.
WINNER: 3: ABOVE THE RIM – Too much star power for Glory Road.

7: TEEN WOLF vs. 2: WHITE MEN CAN’T JUMP – Scotty & Coach Finstock vs. Billy Hoyle & Sidney Deane.
WINNER: 2: WHITE MEN CAN’T JUMP – Sorry Scotty, even with your werewolf abilities you can’t hang with the trash talking of Billy & Sidney.


9: SPACE JAM vs. 4: LOVE & BASKETBALL – MJ, Toon Squad & the Monstars vs. Monica’s desire to be the best she can be on the basketball court while winning Q’s heart.
WINNER: 4: LOVE & BASKETBALL – Sorry MJ, you’re still the man – but I have to give it Monica, she made it further than Q in her Pro Career… Super inspirational to a young girl playing ball.

3: ABOVE THE RIM vs. 2: WHITE MEN CAN’T JUMP – In a classic battle, two classic playground basketball movies going head to head.
WINNER: 2: WHITE MEN CAN’T JUMP – It’s the original street ball movie.


– Classic love story that revolves around basketball against the movie that taught us “Sometimes when you win, you really lose, and sometimes when you lose, you really win, and sometimes when you win or lose, you actually tie, and sometimes when you tie, you actually win or lose. Winning or losing is all one organic mechanism, from which one extracts what one needs. “

WINNER: 2: WHITE MEN CAN’T JUMP – It’s a classic – plus tell me you still can’t believe he hit that hook shot from half court aiming towards the Iran basket.

I don't mean to brag... but I'm the greatest! - Sidney Dean

I don't mean to brag... but I'm the greatest! - Sidney Dean

BASKETBALL REGION FINALISTWHITE MEN CAN’T JUMP.  Billy Hoyle, Gloria Clemente & Sidney Dean advance to the final four to duke it out for the title of Greatest Sports Movie of All Time!






1: THE NATURAL vs. 16: THE SCOUT – In The Natural, you have the story of Roy Hobbs and his magical bat vs. Steve Nebraska a super talented baseball player and his strange agent Al Percolo.
WINNER: No contest… 1: THE NATURAL.

– Very tough match up here, as the original MAJOR LEAGUE battles its successor MAJOR LEAGUE II.
WINNER: Tough decision, but I’m going to have to go with MAJOR LEAGUE. Classic story line & it’s the original cast.

In one movie you have a guy hearing voices to build a baseball diamon in his cornfield vs. a kid manager for the Minnesota Twins.
WINNER: In a landslide victory, FIELD OF DREAMS.

4: THE SANDLOT vs.13: 61* – A classic in my book, the Sandlot tells the story of Benny “the Jet” Rodriguez, Smalls & the Beast vs. 61* the story of Roger Marris & Mickey Mantle’s summer long battle to break baseball’s most historic record – the Babe’s home run record.
WINNER: 4: THE SANDLOT – a controversial choice I know, but I love the story of the kids spending their whole summer in the sandlot losing baseball after baseball to the Beast.

6:  THE ROOKIE vs. 11: ROOKIE OF THE YEAR – a 33 year old rookie for the Tampa Bay Rays vs. a 12 year old rookie for the Chicago Cubs.
WINNER: 11: ROOKIE OF THE YEAR – I’m more impressed with a 12 year old rookie even if his pitching power was the result of a freak accident.

3: A LEAGUE OF THEIR OWN vs. 14: BAD NEWS BEARS – The story of the Pittsford Peach & alcoholic coach Jimmy Doogan vs. alcoholic coach & the group of misfits kids who play for the Bears.
WINNER: 3: A LEAGUE OF THEIR OWN – “There’s no crying in BASEBALL!”

7: THE BABE vs. 10: FOR LOVE OF THE GAME – the story of the greatest baseball player to have ever lived vs. Billy Chapel and his love for the game of baseball.
WINNER: 10: FOR LOVE OF THE GAME – In the first upset of the baseball region.

2:  BULL DURHAM vs. 15: EVERYONE’S HERO – The story of Crash, Ann & Nuke vs. Yankee Irving, a magical bat & ball.
WINNER: Not even close, BULL DURHAM.


1: THE NATURAL vs. 8: MAJOR LEAGUE – A middle age NY Knight slugger with a bat cut from a tree struck by lightning vs. Cerrano, Wild Thing, Jake Taylor & Willie Mays Hays.
WINNER: 1: THE NATURAL – Tough matchup, but had to go with the Hobbs & his bat.

5: FIELD OF DREAMS vs. 4: THE SANDLOT – Crazy corn field guy who encounters the Chicago Black Sox vs. Benny, Smalls, the Beast, Ham, Squints, Repeat & Mr. Mertle.
WINNER: 4:  THE SANDLOT – “Ham: Hey, Smalls, you wanna s’more?
Smalls: Some more of what?”

11: ROOKIE OF THE YEAR vs. 3: A LEAGUE OF THEIR OWN – Henry Rowengartner vs. Dottie Henson, Mae, Kit & the rest of the Pittsford Peaches.
WINNER:  3: A LEAGUE OF THEIR OWN – Sorry Rosenhauser, Rowenburger? Ahh.. Rowengartner! Maybe next time kid.

10: FOR LOVE OF THE GAME vs. 2: BULL DURHAM – Kevin Costner vs. Kevin Costner?
WINNER: Kevin Costner… in… 2: BULL DURHAM – classic baseball movie that has it all –  comedy, love and great baseball movie scenes and dialogue.


1: THE NATURAL vs. 4: THE SANDLOT – Roy Hobbs could have been the best baseball player who ever lived but was shot early in his career, Benny “The Jet” became an LA Dodger & Smalls a Dodger Announcer.
WINNER: 1: THE NATURAL- who can forget the home run shot that blasts the stadium lights.

– the story of a short lived All American Girls Pro League vs. the story of a minor league team in NC.
WINNER: Controversial choice… but I’m going to have to go with the 3: A LEAGUE OF THE OWN – It’s another rare sports story that highlights women in athletics.


3: A LEAGUE OF THEIR OWN vs. 1: THE NATURAL – The Peaches vs. Hobbs and the NY Knights.
WINNER: 3: A LEAGUE OF THEIR OWN – I know many will disagree with this choice, but this is a great baseball movie. It has great baseball dialogue, great actors who look like players and a great story.

I'm a goddamn Peach! - Jimmy Dugan

I'm a goddamn Peach! - Jimmy Dugan

BASEBALL REGION CHAMPIONA LEAGUE OF THEIR OWN. The Peach advances to the final four to try and win the title of Greatest Sports Movie of All Time!

There we have it – two finalists down… Two more to go. Check back tomorrow as we go through the Football & Misc. Sports Region.

Agree or Disagree with the choices???

Would like to fill out your own Greatest Sport Movie of All Time Bracket?

Greatest Sports Movie Tournament - Field of 64

Click on the Image, fill out your own bracket, then send it to the sportsbrareports@yahoo.com – We will then post it along with the other entries we receive.

Remember to check back again tomorrow for the other two finalists for

The Sports Bra Reports  – Greatest Sports Movie Tournament!

Sports Movie Tournament – March Madness Style

I love movies… specially if they’re sports movies.  So with the NCAA Men’s & Women’s Tournament (I have a little bit of March Madness on my brain), I decided to put together a field of the greatest 64 sports movies I have ever seen.  They will be broken down into four brackets – BASKETBALL, BASEBALL, FOOTBALL & MISC. SPORTS –

Why those four brackets? Well if you watch many movies, you will tend to see that Hollywood focuses mainly on the 3 major American sports (basketball, baseball & football) and every now and then they’ll throw in a movie about bowling, karate, surfing, soccer, etc.

So what makes these 64 sports movies so great.  Well to start off, they’re about sports! Second, they must have a solid story line (good guy overcoming the bad guy, bad team becoming good, redemption, etc.).  Third it has to have pretty decent actors.  Actors who can make you believe the part of whatever athlete/coach/fan they’re playing. Last but not least – It has to have recurring watchability? What’s watchability? Glad you asked, watchability (a word that doesn’t really exist – but sounds good doesn’t it?) is that when you come across this movie when flipping through channels – you stop and watch it (no matter how many times you’ve seen it) or you or someone you know has it in their DVD collection and you want to watch something good – you can always turn your favorite sports movie.  So that’s what makes these 64 sports movies great.

So ladies and gents, I present to you the official Sports Bra Reports….

“Sports Movie Tournament” – March Madness Style!

Below is the list of the 64 Greatest Sports Movies of all time.  Today I’m just listing the movies, check back in tomorrow as I break down which movies advance in each bracket and why.  If you have forgotten any of these movies – just scroll down and you’ll see their respective posters along with a few memorable quotes.

Greatest Sports Movie Tournament - Field of 64

(Click to Enlarge)


Let’s meet the competitors for the basketball region.

(The number right next to there name is the ranking of the movie within the region)

Basketball Region 1-4





The competition is tough in the baseball region… Let’s meet the competitors.












So there it is ladies and gents… The field of 64.  Think I missed one? Let me know!

Check back in tomorrow as we break down the bracket region by region.

Hottest Male Athletes – Part I


As a girl who reads the sports blogosphere I often encounter posts about the hottest women athletes in sports, or female reporters or players wives.

Rarely have I seen a post dedicated to eye candy for the women.  So ladies…

Rejoice! I present to you the Hottest Male Athletes – Part I!

Part I – Football, Basketball & Baseball

(Players are presented in no particular order)

Top 5 Hottest Football Players

Tim Tebow – QB University of Florida


Tim Tebow – The All-American, two time winning National Championship winning QB for the Florida Gators.

Adrian Peterson – RB Minnesota Vikings


Adrian Peterson aka AD (All-Day) – the second coming of Barry Sanders.

Jeremy Schockey – TE New Orleans Saints


Jeremy Shockey is the baddest men in the NFL – full of tattoos and full of attitude & confidence.

Brady Quinn – QB Cleveland Browns


Another All-American QB hailing from the University of Notre Dame.

Reggie Bush – RB New Orleans Saints


Reggie Bush – The always dangerous Bush (RB, WR & Punt Returner) is a threat on & off the field.

Top 5 Basketball Players

Dwayne Wade – SG Miami Heat


D-Wade by far the hottest NBA player in the World @ the moment.

Manu Ginobili – SG San Antonio Spurs


Manu is an amazing basketball player able to weave in and out of traffic and always come through in the clutch.  Sure he’s getting a little older and losing a little bit of hair (infamous bald spot) but he’s still one of the most attractive men in the basketball world at the moment.

Dwight Howard – C Orlando Magic

Howard aka Superman

Dwight Howard aka Superman is one of the most marketable players in the NBA right now.  With his youthful exuberance, great smile/body and personality you can see why he lands in the top 5.

Amare Stoudamire – PF Phoenix Suns


I love the way Amare plays the game. He’s one of the most dangerous people when attacking the rim, always finishing with strength and flare.  As you can see he also carries that flare off the court.

Ricky Rubio – PG Spain/DKV Joventut


Ricky Rubio aka Pistol Pete 2k9 is only 18 years old, but has caught the eyes of all NBA teams and all the ladies around the world with his play in the Olympics. Either by next years draft of the year after he’ll be showcasing his talents and looks in the states.

Top 5 Baseball Players

David Wright – 3B New York Mets


David Wright, 3B for the greatest team on Earth – The New York Mets.  All Star talent – All Star good guy & All Star Hottie.

Ichiro Suzuki – CF Seattle Mariners


Ichiro has been in the MLB since 2001, since then he’s been winning Gold Gloves, Batting Championships, All-Star MVP and the hearts of million of ladies.

Derek Jeter – SS New York Yankees


Derek Jeter aka The CAPTAIN of the NY Yankees has been a star on and off the field since he became a Yankee in 1995.  I’m pretty sure he’ll continue to shine bright for many more years to come.

Gabe Kapler – OF Tampa Bay Rays


Gabe aka The Body (for reasons you can see) is a career journeyman who has played for seven different MLB teams throughout his career.  He currently plays OF for the Tamba Bay Rays, but if this ends up being his last team, there’s always room for him to do some modeling.

Alex Rodriguez – 3B New York Yankees


A-Rod is arguably the best player in baseball right now.  Sure it was recently revealed that he took performance enhancing drugs, but we’re not judging him on his ethics in this post – just his looks, and based on his looks he’s also one of the best in the game.


So there you go ladies & gentlemen, Part I of the Hottest Male Athletes  (Football, Baseball & Soccer).

Any of Athletes from these sports that you thought I missed???

Let me know!

Maybe they’ll be added to the Honorable Mention List.

Part II of the Hottest Male Athletes will be arriving in a few short days, it will include soccer, tennis, boxing & few other sports… Until then enjoy the eye candy! 😉