NBA Reveals Top Selling Jersey for ’09-’10 Season

The NBA revealed today the top selling jersey’s this season, who landed in the coveted number 1 spot?

The top-selling jersey for the 2009-2010 season was Kobe Bryant’s Lakers #24 Jersey. Who rounded out the top ten, well there’s a king, a Rose, a scoring champion and Defensive Player of The Year winner.  See below for the complete list.

1:  Kobe Bryant # 24 – Los Angeles Lakers: This is the third season that Kobe has had the top-selling jersey in the NBA.

D Wade

Liz's Toons - # 6 Selling Jersey Dwayne Wade of the Miami Heat

2:  Lebron James # 23 – Cleveland Cavaliers: King James doesn’t rule this list, but he comes in a close second.  Will he top the list next year when he switches his number to #6?

3:  Kevin Garnet #5 – Boston Celtics

4:  Derick Rose #1 – Chicago Bulls: In only his second year in the league, the Bulls point guard has become a fan favorite.

5:  Dwight Howard #12 – Orlando Magic: The two-time Defensive Player of the Year winner takes spot number 5 this year.

6:  Dwayne Wade #3 – Miami Heat: So popular Wade is I had to draw him, see cartoon left 🙂 .

7: Chris Paul # 3 – New Orleans Saints: Despite being injured most of the season with knee problems, Paul remains a fan favorite.

8:  Paul Peirce #34 – Boston Celtics

9:  Kevin Durant #34 – OKC Thunder: KD aka Durantulla in his second year has become the youngest scoring champ in the NBA’s history and also lands in the top ten selling jersey’s this season.

10:  Carmelo Anthony #15 – Denver Nuggets

There you have it folks, the top 10 Selling Jerseys of the 2009-2010 NBA season.  My question is, did you purchase any jersey this year?


Fear the Deer! Milwauke’s Bango 10 Feet Above the Rim Dunk

Last night in Milwaukee’s playoffs game versus the Atlanta Hawks, team mascot Bango pulled off an extremely impressive dunk while hyping up the crowd.

How impressive you ask? How about ten feet above the rim?  See for yourself.

By far, one of the most impressive mascot dunks I’ve seen this season or ever… Fear the Deer indeed!

Fear The Dear - Bango Dunk!

Madden 11 Cover Revelead and the winner is… Drew Brees!

For the first time ever fans were able to choose who they wanted out on the cover of Madden 11 out of 3 worthy candidates.  Viking DE Jared Allen, Colts WR Reggie Wayne and Super Bowl Champs Saints QB Drew Brees.  So who did the fans choose?

Madden 2011 Cover Boy - Super Bowl Champion New Orleans Saints QB Drew Brees

The fans have spoken.. and in Brees they trust for the Madden 2011 cover!

Perks that come with a Super Bowl Championship? How about the cover of Madden 11!

David Wright’s “Situational” Off-Season Training

How did my favorite New York Met David Wright train during the off-season? With “Situational” training of course!

Jersey Shore cast-member Mike “The Situation”  Sorrentino & David Wright star in this training montage for Vitamin Water, hilarious & an instant hit in our books!