So It’s Been A While…

Hey Sports Bra Reports followers – so, it’s been a while since I last posted and I wanted to apologize for that… Things have been going a little crazy in my neck of the woods and I didn’t have too much time to post, but have no fear – The Sports Bra Reports is back in full effect.

Here are my thoughts on a few things have gone down in the sports world since my last post, which was a while ago people –

Feb 19, 2010: Tiger woods addressed the media, didn’t take any questions, read a prepared statement and asked for forgiveness from his family and supporters.  Was he sincere? I don’t think so, once again Tiger showed that he is extremely calculating when it comes to presenting his image and really didn’t explain much to the people around the world. Does he owe us an explanation? Some say yes… Others say no.  I believe he does – whether we like to admit or not, Tiger is a product and we are the consumers.  When something causes a product to go bad or something happens with it, don’t we deserve an explanation?

Spring training has begun for baseball and lots of baseball fans are getting excited about the upcoming season, except for Mets fans like me who have to deal with two of their star players coming off of injury (Beltran & Jose Reyes).

The NBA is gearing up for the playoffs which begins in April and it looks like Cleveland and Orlando are rolling in the East, while Lakers, Mavericks & Nuggets are contending to be the top representative in the west.

The Winter Olympics came and went out of Vancouver, Canada and the US won the most gold medals (37 total – USA! USA! USA!).  It provided us with many memorable moments, the U.S. vs. Canada – men’s hockey gold medal game which went into OT, Canadian women’s hockey team celebrating gold by lighting up a cigar and drinking some brews after winning gold medal, and many, many more moments.

Let’s just say… Many sporting events have occurred since our last post – but have no fear ladies and gents we are back… and we will be better than ever!

We're Back!


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