The Girl’s Guide To Super Bowl XLIV (44)

The Girl’s Guide To Super Bowl XLIV (44)… Presented by The Sports Bra Reports

Liz's Cartoons - Superbowl Sunday w/ the guys!

Ladies - ever find yourself bored or not having a clue during about the game during Super Bowl Sunday? Well, have no fear - The Sports Bra Reports is here to help!

Every year nearly every American celebrates the Super Bowl.   This event has become an unofficial holiday here in the United States and people spend tons of money planning the right place to see the game, updating their TV systems and making sure they have every snack and beverage available for the “big game.”

So what about us women?  Do we love the Super Bowl as much as our male counterparts?  In some cases, the women are just as into is as the men – and can spew the facts and stats about the game just like any other football fanatic.  In other cases, some women feel as confused and left out as a man at a bridal shower.

So have no fear ladies! Here at the Sports Bra Reports, we have decided to roll out, what will become a yearly special –The Girl’s Guide To The Super Bowl!

In the Sports Bra Reports “Girl’s Guide To Super Bowl XLIV (44)” you will have all the information you need to feel like you can talk about Super Bowl XLIV (44) like you have followed the NFL all season long.

So without further ado – I present to you, the first ever Sports Bra Reports “The Girl’s Guide To The Super Bowl.”

Check out the full Sports Bra Reports – Girls Guide to the Super Bowl XLIV (44) at YepYep!

Ladies now you have all the info you need to kick back a few brews & enjoy the game.


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