Peyton Manning’s Pre-Snap Routine

Cartoon Peyton Manning, Manning Pre Snap

What does Manning really shout out pre-snap?

Four-time NFL MVP Peyton Manning has a pre-snap routine unlike any other QB in league history. Anytime before taking the snap from Center Jeff Saturday, we see Manning saying all types of stuff, walking up and down the line and waving his hands like a madman.  What does this all mean?

Is he just saying crazy things or are the things he say really matter?  In reality, there’s a method to Peyton Manning’s madness.  The Colts offense is very unique and it is controlled almost entirely by Peyton.  They typically use a no huddle offense.  When they line up, Peyton reads the defensive formation and calls the play.

This is how it normally plays out.  During the 40 seconds from when the referee puts the ball down and the clock starts, Peyton reads where the linebacker and safeties are located.  Once he has been able to figure out their position he will then direct everyone to the spots they need to be in.

Confusing?  You bet ya!  It’s especially confusing for the opposing teams defensive players and defensive coordinators.  Manning has played this way pretty much since he arrived in Indianapolis.  When he started, it is said that he only had 2 passing plays and 3 running plays at his disposal, now it’s the entire playbook.

It’s believed that Peyton Manning is the smartest QB in the NFL, memorizing an entire playbook and being able to call it out on the fly, there’s no doubt in my mind that he isn’t.  So on Super Bowl Sunday when he’s playing the Saints, know that Peyton isn’t just shouting shenanigans out there, now you know they’re actual plays.


2 Responses

  1. That’s pretty interesting actually. I didn’t know that about him. You see other QBs doing it, but not like he does.

  2. I know right! It’s crazy that all that motioning and talking actually serves a purpose.

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