Jeremy Shockey & His Tattoos

Jeremy Shockey, the popular Tight End from the New Orléans Saints has an increasing collection on both arms.

Due to popular the demand, the Sports Bra Reports has dedicated an entire post to Jeremy Shockey and his tattoos.  The extremely popular Tight End from the New Orleans Saints has an increasing collection on both arms.  It’s been pretty tough trying to find close up pictures of his tats, but from what the internet has to offer – this what I was able to find. Of all the descriptions I’m not sure if it’s 100% correct, I’m just going based upon the pictures and what I see in them.

Shockey's Right Arm Tattoos

On his right bicep, he has a tattoo of a bald eagle and the American flag.  It is said, that Shockey had the tattoo done to honor the United States, and his pride of being an American.  He says of the tattoo, which took 21 hours and 3 days to complete – “It speaks for itself. I’m proud to live in this country, to have the right to express anything you want…. I’m very American.”

On the inside of the bicep looks like it is a design of a bone in his arm along with some wording, perhaps a quote.  On the right forearm the quote appears to continue along with a design of some sort of religious saint.

Shockey's Left Arm Tattoos

On the left forearm, the tattoo seems to be Japanese style design of a koi fish.  On the other side of the forearm there appears to be lettering, that I think reads something in Latin.

Some people say that they don’t like Shockey’s tattoos or that they are stupid.  In my opinion Shockey’s tattoos are pretty cool and he’s able to pull them off pretty well.  They also seemed to be done by top professionals in the tattoo industry.  Trust me, we’ve all seen tattoos on professional athletes that look like a five-year-old artist has done them in the backyard.

What do you think of Shockey’s tattoos?


4 Responses

  1. I love them. Go Shockey

  2. I think he looks grrrreeeaatttt 😛

  3. I think his tatts are cool .It his body if he wants them on there its his right and what every he want to put on there.And he has the body for them to .

  4. @ Rae, Donna & Maryluz… I totally agree with all three of y’all!

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