Will the Jets be able to handle the Chargers?

Will the Jets D be able to handle the Chargers?

“To me we should be favorites. I mean in the whole tournament … I think we have the best defense; I know we do. I think we have the best rushing attack. I want this football team. If I had a choice to coach any team in this tournament, I would choose this one.” – The above quote is from rookie head coach Rex Ryan of the NY Jets.

Coach Ryan believes that the Jets should be favored in every single game that they play in from here on out, he believes they are destined to appear in the Super Bowl. What do I believe? As a Jets fan I want nothing more to believe in Coach Ryan and the #1 rushing attack and defense in the NFL, but to be honest and fair I believe that they are not the favorites  – but they do have a great, great chance to pull off the upset against the San Diego Chargers on Sunday (01/17/10 – 4:40 game time) at Qualcomm Stadium.

Chargers 2009 Stats - 28 TD's, 9 INT's.. Will the Jets be able to apply enough pressure?

The Jets have a very difficult task ahead; they are facing a Chargers team that hasn’t lost a game since Oct 19.  That’s an 11-game win streak, just in case you were wondering.  Their QB Phillip Rivers has had an MVP type of season. He has thrown for over 4,000 yards, 28 TD’s and only 9 interceptions.  To say that Jets secondary will have their hands full is an understatement.

Pro-bowl cornerback and defensive player of the year runner up Darrell Revis will lead the Jets defense.  Their task is simple (understatement!) stop this high powered offense that averages over 20+ points a game and they will have a chance of going to the divisional final.

The Jets game plan for the Chargers will have to be similar to the one they had vs. the Bengals in the wild-card game last week, which they won 24-14.  Place rookie QB Mark Sanchez in high reward/low risk throws (i.e. play-action/slants) and ride your #1 running game with RB’s Thomas Jones & rookie Shaunne Green.

Like I said earlier I believe the Jets have a great chance of defeating the Chargers – let’s hope that they take care of business and make good on Coach Ryan’s prediction of them being the favorites in this whole super bowl tournament.  Let’s go J! E! T! S!… JETS! JETS! JETS!


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