Armani Presents Their New Model Soccer Superstar – Cristiano Ronaldo

OK, so this does not have too much to do with the sports world… But! It does feature an international sports superstar – Cristiano Ronaldo.  Enjoy ladies!

Armani presents their new model international soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo… coming to billboards and magazine ads all over the world in the spring/summer 2010.

One day after unveiling the new underwear/jean campaign featuring actress Megan Fox, the people of Armani release a preview of their newest model Cristiano Ronaldo.  Ronaldo is known around the world as one of  soccer’s youngest and most talented superstars.  The 24-year old from Portugal stars  for Real Madrid and the Portuguese National Team.

Ronaldo takes over duties from David Beckam as Armani’s new model.  Here’s a little preview of what will be coming to billboards near you.

Ronaldo modeling Armani's new line of under wear.

I think Ronaldo will be able to handle taking over for Beckham.


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