Peyton Manning’s Pre-Snap Routine

Cartoon Peyton Manning, Manning Pre Snap

What does Manning really shout out pre-snap?

Four-time NFL MVP Peyton Manning has a pre-snap routine unlike any other QB in league history. Anytime before taking the snap from Center Jeff Saturday, we see Manning saying all types of stuff, walking up and down the line and waving his hands like a madman.  What does this all mean?

Is he just saying crazy things or are the things he say really matter?  In reality, there’s a method to Peyton Manning’s madness.  The Colts offense is very unique and it is controlled almost entirely by Peyton.  They typically use a no huddle offense.  When they line up, Peyton reads the defensive formation and calls the play.

This is how it normally plays out.  During the 40 seconds from when the referee puts the ball down and the clock starts, Peyton reads where the linebacker and safeties are located.  Once he has been able to figure out their position he will then direct everyone to the spots they need to be in.

Confusing?  You bet ya!  It’s especially confusing for the opposing teams defensive players and defensive coordinators.  Manning has played this way pretty much since he arrived in Indianapolis.  When he started, it is said that he only had 2 passing plays and 3 running plays at his disposal, now it’s the entire playbook.

It’s believed that Peyton Manning is the smartest QB in the NFL, memorizing an entire playbook and being able to call it out on the fly, there’s no doubt in my mind that he isn’t.  So on Super Bowl Sunday when he’s playing the Saints, know that Peyton isn’t just shouting shenanigans out there, now you know they’re actual plays.


Jeremy Shockey & His Tattoos

Jeremy Shockey, the popular Tight End from the New Orléans Saints has an increasing collection on both arms.

Due to popular the demand, the Sports Bra Reports has dedicated an entire post to Jeremy Shockey and his tattoos.  The extremely popular Tight End from the New Orleans Saints has an increasing collection on both arms.  It’s been pretty tough trying to find close up pictures of his tats, but from what the internet has to offer – this what I was able to find. Of all the descriptions I’m not sure if it’s 100% correct, I’m just going based upon the pictures and what I see in them.

Shockey's Right Arm Tattoos

On his right bicep, he has a tattoo of a bald eagle and the American flag.  It is said, that Shockey had the tattoo done to honor the United States, and his pride of being an American.  He says of the tattoo, which took 21 hours and 3 days to complete – “It speaks for itself. I’m proud to live in this country, to have the right to express anything you want…. I’m very American.”

On the inside of the bicep looks like it is a design of a bone in his arm along with some wording, perhaps a quote.  On the right forearm the quote appears to continue along with a design of some sort of religious saint.

Shockey's Left Arm Tattoos

On the left forearm, the tattoo seems to be Japanese style design of a koi fish.  On the other side of the forearm there appears to be lettering, that I think reads something in Latin.

Some people say that they don’t like Shockey’s tattoos or that they are stupid.  In my opinion Shockey’s tattoos are pretty cool and he’s able to pull them off pretty well.  They also seemed to be done by top professionals in the tattoo industry.  Trust me, we’ve all seen tattoos on professional athletes that look like a five-year-old artist has done them in the backyard.

What do you think of Shockey’s tattoos?

Kansas Coach Hits Blinfolded Half Court Shot – Amazing!

OK, I’d like to see Lebron, Kobe, D. Wade or any NBA player attempt what Olathe High School Girls Basketball Coach Joel Branstrom did last week.  In a pep rally for the school’s teams in this Kansas town, Coach Branstrom took on the challenge of getting blindfolded, twirled around twice and then attempting a half-court shot.   If he hit the shot,  “Final Four” tickets will be awarded to him, if he didn’t he’d still look like a good sport for trying.

To the surprise of  everyone in attendance Coach Branstrom, a former walk-on to the University of Kansas Basketball team in 1997 – hit the shot!  Incredible!

Olathe High School didn’t really have tickets to this year’s Final Four – because really, the odds of hitting this shot probably 1 in 99 attempts.  What they did have were  gift certificates to a local Mexican restaurant.  Final Four tickets or not, Coach Branstrom should be proud… This is by far one of the hardest and coolest trick shots I have ever seen.

Jets Can Build on Loss to the Colts

We can build on this!

Yesterday, the NY Jets fell to the mighty Indianapolis Colts 30-17 in the AFC Championship game.

At the beginning of the game, the Jets seemed to be in control going up 17-14 at the half.  Coming out of the gate Peyton Manning and the Colts did what they do best, play great football in the second half.  On his way to leading the Colts to the victory, he racked up 377 yards and 3 touchdowns on the number 1 defense in the NFL.

Even though the Jets lost this game, I believe that they definitely can build on this.  Sanchez proved that he can play in the big games going 17-30, 2 TD’s and one late game interception.  The defense gave up 30 points to arguably one the greatest QB’s of all time, but throughout the season played great even though they were missing an integral part in DT Kris Jenkins.

QB Peyton Manning orchestrated the Colts offense to victory - going for 377 yards & 3 TD's. While Jets QB Mark Sanchez looked decent despite the loss, throwing for 2 TD's.

As the off season takes place and the Jets organization looks to build on this years team success, there is no doubt that the 2010 Jets will be a team to be reckoned with.




New York Jets mania has taken over The Sports Bra Reports Site!

NY Jets 4 Life!

Just in case you haven’t noticed, and there’s a good chance you haven’t (if that’s the case – read here & here), but my favorite NFL team is on the verge of reaching the Superbowl for the second time in Franchise history!

40 years ago in 1969, Joe Namath aka Broadway Joe led the NY Jets to their first and only Super Bowl victory over the Baltimore Colts.  Fitting, that the Jets will be playing the Colts, on Sunday Jan 24, 2010 – kick off/game time at 3:00 p.m. EST for a chance to play for the Superbowl in Miami on Feb 7, 2010.

So, excuse us while we get swept up in the Jets mania – it’s been a while for us Jets fans.  So for all you Jets fans & sports fans that love underdogs come out, root loudly and get swept up in the mania – say it with me everyone…


Can rookie QB Mark Sanchez & Rookie Coach Rex Ryan lead the Jets to the Superbowl?

Jan 25, 2010 Cover boy for Sports Illustrated, NY Jets QB Mark Sánchez.

In what has been a unprecidated run, Mark Sánchez and the NY Jets have won 7 out of their last 8 games including two playoff victories on the road.  About three weeks ago no one saw this coming, not even coach Rex Ryan of the Jets, who after a 10-7 loss to the Falcons in December said, “We’re obviously out of the playoffs, and that’s unfortunate.”

Long behold, jets GM Mike Tenambaum informed coach Ryan that the Jets were still in it, sure things had to go their way (described here), but technically they still had a chance.  Fast forward three weeks later and the Jets made the playoff as the fifth seed in the AFC and are playing great football.  In the 2009 playoffs the Jets have defeated the 3rd ranked Cincinnati Bengals 24-14 & and the number 2 seed in an upset over San Diego Chargers 17-14.

Jets find themselves in a very unique situation.  Led by a rookie coach Rex Ryan, a rookie quarterback – Mark Sánchez, and their number 1 ranked defense and running game they are in the AFC Championship facing one of the greatest quarterback’s of all time and this year’s NFL MVP Peyton Manning.

The task ahead is undoubtedly difficult, but if they continue to play solid on both offense and defense who’s saying that the Jets can’t pull off another upset and head to the Miami for the Super Bowl?

Here’s hoping that rookie QB Sánchez and rookie head coach Rex Ryan become the first rookie combo to ever lead their team to a Superbowl… As a Jets fan, I sure do hope so.

Can the Jets deafeat 4 time MVP Peyton Manning & the Colts? Here's a cartoon showing exactly what I hope they do to him. Let's go J-E-T-S... JETS! JETS! JETS!