From Championship to Sinking Ship… Presenting The 2009 Pittsburgh Steelers

2008 NFL Champs... 2009 6-7 record and losses to the Oakland Raiders & Cleveland Browns... Sorry Steelers fans, season outlook... Not so good.

“We’ve found different ways to not rise up in critical moments, and we’re losing football games because of it, this one tonight, it really happened in all three phases.”

The above quote is what Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin was saying after the fifth consecutive loss by the Pittsburgh Steelers on Thursday night.  What makes it even more shocking than the Steelers dropping five straight are the teams they are losing to.

On Thursday the Steelers lost to 1-11 Cleveland Browns by a score of 13-6.  The Browns snapped a 12 game losing streak to the Steelers by going up early 10-0 in the first half and containing Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger by sacking him 8 times and only allowing a total of 6 points.

Playoffs!? Playoffs!? We're trying to win a game!...

Playoffs!? You're talking 'bout Playoffs?!? We're trying to win a game!

In the five game losing streak the Steelers have lost to Cincinnati, Kansas City, Baltimore, Oakland and Cleveland.  Wide-Receiver Hines Wards of the Steelers said, “To lose five straight coming off a Super Bowl from last year is embarrassing. There’s nothing fun about losing games, especially five in a row. We’re better than that. We should play better than that. With three games left, you’re going to see who really wants to go out here and play for the pride of this organization and this city and who doesn’t want to be around here.”

The Steelers D has been uncharacteristic allowing teams to come back and win games late in the second half.  Without Safety Troy Polamalu it just isn’t the same defense that won the championship last year.

These 2009 Steelers have very little chance of making the playoffs this year as their next three games are against stiff competition – Green Bay (8-4), Baltimore (6-6) and Miami (6-6).  If the Steelers do not make the playoffs this year, it will not be the first time they fail to defend their Super Bowl title.  In 2006, they failed to make the playoffs after winning the chip in ’05.


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