It’s Wade’s World! Dwayne Wade’s Dunk Over Anderson Varejao

Wade & Lebron

Possible teammates in 2010?


Last night the Cleveland Cavaliers traveled to Miami to face the Heat.  It was a  game  that many NBA and sports fans were looking forward too because of the two superstars facing each other that night.  Dwayne Wade of the Heat and Lebron James of the Cavs.  Let me say, the game most definitely lived up to the hype and so did the two main superstars.

Lebron’s 34 points helped the Cavs come away with the victory 110-104, but Dwayne Wade did his part in South Beach.  He finished the game with 36 points and one monstrous dunk.  Even Lebron was impressed.  “It was great, probably top 10 all-time,” James said. “That was an unbelievable play by a great player.”

We’ve only been 2 weeks into this very young NBA season, but this will definitely be one of the top dunks this year.  Without further ado, see the video below of Wade’s Dunk on 6’10” Cavs forward Anderson Varejao.

What do you think?  Do you agree with Lebron that this dunk will probably be Top 10 all time?

Whether it’s top 10 all time or just this year – Wade’s dunk was simply amazing!


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