Testing Positive For Steroids – 6 Athletes that Would Shock the World


It's all natural... I swear!

In an era of sports were steroids have taken center stage – I wondered, who would be the 6 Athletes that would shock you, their sports and the world if he/she tested positive for performance enhancing drugs/steroids.

Just in case you were wondering what taking performance enhancing drugs/steroids meant, here are a few ideas of what it does to your body:

  • Athletes use steroids because they enhance muscle strength by encouraging new muscle growth.
  • Build mass and power of muscles and bones.
  • Increase delivery of oxygen to exercising tissues.
  • Mask pain.
  • Helps athletes lose weight.
  • Hides use of other drugs.

Without further ado, The Sports Bra Reports list of 6 athletes that would shock us & I believe the world if they were on the “juice.”

1:  Lebron James – NBA


Lebron  James career averages are 27.3 points, 6.6 assists and 6.9 rebounds – Lebron can run like Iverson, handle the rock like Chris Paul, dunk like Kobe and shoot like Allen.  Lebron is the “Chosen One,” an icon around the world and the future of basketball.  If he used performance enhancing drugs Lebron’s averages could look something like 70 points per game, 25 rebounds, 15 assists, 15 steals – He would just demolish the competition.

2:  Tiger Woods – PGA


Tiger Woods is the most successful golfer in the world.  Throughout his career he’s won 65 PGA Tour Events and 14 majors.   He’s already the most unstoppable force in Golf.. and with if he used steroids nothing would stop him for sure. He’s also the world’s marketable athlete.  If Tiger was on performance enhancing drugs every single tourney would be won by him… there wouldn’t be a PGA, it would be called the Tiger Tour.

3:  Derek Jeter – MLB


The captain of the New York Yankees, 4-time World Series Champion and the one of the guy’s who play’s the game the “right way.”

4 & 5:  Peyton & Eli Manning – NFL


These two brothers are Super Bowl winning quarterbacks, and the faces of their respective teams and the NFL.  They’re the All-American boys of the league and if either was tainted…  boy oh boy, they’re be some fall out for sure.

6:  Mia Hamm – US Soccer


The most iconic female athlete in US. History.  Mia has been an inspiration to millions of female athletes in the world. A dominant force at home and in international soccer.  Mia currently holds the  record for international goals scored by any other player, male or female (158).  Imagine if she was on the juice? Her records would probably something like 350 international goals.


The Cripples… err I mean Clippers Curse Strikes Again! Blake Griffin Out 6 Weeks

griffin-blake-knee injury-out 6 weeks

The Clippers injury curse strikes again... #1 Draft Pick Blake Griffin is out 6 weeks with fractured knee cap.

The Cripples… err I mean Clippers Curse strikes again!

The number 1 overall draft pick & Clipper Blake Griffin has gone down with a fractured patella (knee cap) and will be out of the lineup for six weeks.  He injured his knee during Friday’s preseason game.  It’s unfortunate that most Clipper and NBA fans won’t get to see Griffin until some time in late December.

Griffin means a lot of things to a franchise that hasn’t had much to cheer for in a very, very long time.  It finallygriffin-blake seemed like the Clippers were going to have a decent team heading into the 2009-2010 NBA season opener.

Blake Griffin is definitely a beast, as you can see from the highlights he’s accumulated during the preseason.  He’s a throw back player who isn’t afraid to mix it up in the inside and outside.  I believe that he’s something of a mix between a young Karl Malone (the strength, inside presence and body type) with a lot of Kevin Garnett (great defense and a lot of heart).  Once he recovers he’s definitely going to be a force to be reckoned with.  A once pre-season favorite for rookie of the year will now have to work 2-3 times harder to earn that award because of his injury and the late start to the season.  Good news is – Griffin isn’t afraid of hard work.  I definitely still have him as my favorite to win that award.  Let’s hope that once we see him on the court it will be an early Christmas present to us all.

Adrian Peterson to William Gay… “Get out of my way!”

The NFL season has definitely lived up to its hype in 2009.  We have the usual suspects Colts 6-0, Saints 6-0, Patriots 5-2 and there have even been a few surprises thrown in, Denver Broncos (6-0)… Did anyone see that coming!? I don’t think so.

Another team that almost everyone knew would be a team to reckon with was the Minnesota Vikings.  They have however exceeded expectation with a 6-1 start.  Thanks to the play of grizzled QB Brett Favre and of super human RB Adrian Peterson.

In a game that was much closer than the score reveals 27-17, Steelers victory.  RB Adrian Peterson added another play to his already huge highlight reel.  The victim this time, Steeler William Gay.