The Madden Curse Strikes Again! Troy Polamalu Injured In Season Debut vs. Titans

Madden claims another victor... (Toons by Liz!)

Madden claims another victim - Troy Polamalu!... (Toons by Liz!)

The Madden Curse strikes again!  If you are unaware of the Madden Curse – please read here.  A quick recap of the curse is that any player who appears on the cover of the famous video game will suffer some type of injury throughout the course of the season.

Long behold Troy Polamalu – Safety for the Pittsburgh Steelers this year’s cover boy suffered a sprained MCL knee injury in last night’s  season opener vs. the Tennessee Titans.

It is unsure how long Polamalu will be out, but it’s rumored to be 3-6 weeks.  It’s a shame that Polamalu was injured during the second quarter of the game because prior to that he was all over the field causing havoc for the Tennessee offense.

Troy had 6 tackles  and one amazing interception on Kerry Collins (see video below).  By far one of the most amazing and athletic interceptions I have ever seen.

Along with Troy, wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald of the Arizona Cardinals also appeared on the cover of Madden 10.  Let’s hope that the curse only claims one victim this year!


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  1. That’s so weird. I’m amazed any of these guys still agree to be on the cover!

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