Jordan Crawford’s dunk on Lebron – NOW, we are all witnesses!

Two weeks ago rumors began about Lebron James getting dunked on by 22-year Jordan Crawford, a junior at Xavier University.

For anyone who plays basketball at a very high level it’s only a matter of time before you get dunked on (By the way it’s not the first time Lebron has been dunked on either).  So what made the news about this dunk so special?  The fact that after the pick up game at Lebron James Skill Academy in Ohio,  he and Nike officials confiscated all of the media member’s tape recordings of the game.

So for weeks the legend of Jordan Crawford’s dunk grew larger and larger.  To the point that it is rumored that Lebron didn’t show up to the ESPY’s because he didn’t want to take questions about the “dunk.”

All of us in the modern day world  knew it was only a matter of time before the video appeared on the web – and long behold put up the first video of the infamous “dunk”  – the quality wasn’t the best.  Then the web buzzed as the video  from appeared, this by far is WAY, WAY better quality.  You can actually see Lebron and Jordan Crawford.

Click on the image or go to to see the "dunk" by Crawford on King James

Click on the image or go to to see the "dunk" by Crawford on King James

To be honest – the “dunk” is ok.  It’s not one of the top 10 dunks I’ve seen in my lifetime or anything like that .  If Lebron and his reps hadn’t made such a big deal about it and confistcated media members tapes, I think the tape would have been viewed and forgotten within 24 hours.  Yet by denying the public a chance to view the tapes that only sparked our curiosity over the “dunk” even more.

So what’s the lesson to be learned here?  Not too sure, perhaps don’t play with any amateur athletes??

If you’re a major athlete superstar – just laugh it off as Phillip Rivers did, let the video make it’s rounds and in this ADD world that we live in all, that “dunk”,  loss at  “horse”  or “skills competition” will be forgotten within 24 hours.