The NBA – Where Kobe Bryant Debuting His “Game Face” Happens!

During the 2009 NBA Playoffs Kobe Bryant has decided to debut his new “game face.” It’s somewhere between a snarl and growl with his bottom teeth showing.  In the 13 years that Kobe has been playing in the NBA, I’ve never seen him make this face.  So why unveil it in 2009?

"I'm so focussed Man!"

"I'm so focused Man!"

Not too sure, but commentator’s keep saying that this is the face of hunger, the face that shows that he’s going for keeps this year.  Personally, I believe that it looks like he’s trying a bit too hard, I think Kobe should go home, stand in front of the mirror and come up with a new “game face,” because Kobe this one isn’t working for you pal.

What do you think of Kobe’s “game face?”  Better than Jordan’s tongue wagging or Magic’s smile?

Jordan & Magic-game Face

The NBA – Where Kobe Bryant Debuting His “Game Face” Happens!


4 Responses

  1. Kobe’s game face is all about sticking it to Shaq once and for all ! Then that’ll be the end of Shaq’s inane and odious rants. Then Shaq can then be consumed about smelling Kobe’s rear end as he’ll be consumed and overcome with so much jealousy in fail swoop.

  2. I can’t even watch the rest of the play-offs because of the ridiculous, snarly expression Kobe has now. I want to reach into the TV & slap him. Is this supposed to make him look tough? Is it because everyone was saying the Lakers were soft so he adopted this new face to try & look mean ? Well, it’s not working. He just looks silly.
    I detest the “mean face” LeBron puts on, too, frowning & puffing out his cheeks like he’s about to explode.
    Both of these guys are arrogant & annoying.

  3. I’m sorry abristishman, but I’m going to have to agree with Beth, the look just doesn’t suit him… it doesn’t seem natural… If he wins the chip that should be enough as far as sticking it to Shaq, no need to make an expression that makes him look absolutely ridiculous!

  4. I once tried to use that as my game face at work, the women seemed to like it and the men were intimidated. I say Kobe’s new game face has some people here jealous that its better then their game faces. You know who you are!

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