Conan O’Brien pokes fun at Kobe’s “game face”

The whole world has been talking about Kobe Bryant’s “game face,” even I wrote a post about it a few day’s ago.

Luckily for us, fresh off of winning the 2009 NBA Championship Kobe made an appearance on Conan O’Brien’s show and explains to us why the game face while Conan pokes a bit of fun at it.


The NBA – Where Kobe Bryant Debuting His “Game Face” Happens!

During the 2009 NBA Playoffs Kobe Bryant has decided to debut his new “game face.” It’s somewhere between a snarl and growl with his bottom teeth showing.  In the 13 years that Kobe has been playing in the NBA, I’ve never seen him make this face.  So why unveil it in 2009?

"I'm so focussed Man!"

"I'm so focused Man!"

Not too sure, but commentator’s keep saying that this is the face of hunger, the face that shows that he’s going for keeps this year.  Personally, I believe that it looks like he’s trying a bit too hard, I think Kobe should go home, stand in front of the mirror and come up with a new “game face,” because Kobe this one isn’t working for you pal.

What do you think of Kobe’s “game face?”  Better than Jordan’s tongue wagging or Magic’s smile?

Jordan & Magic-game Face

The NBA – Where Kobe Bryant Debuting His “Game Face” Happens!