Madden 10 Cover – Larry Fitzgerald &Troy Polamalu

After months and months of keeping us guessing the folks at EA sports have unveiled the players who will be gracing Madden 10.  The lucky or unlucky athletes (Madden Curse?) are Larry Fitzgerald, WR for the Arizona Cardinals and Troy Polamalu, Safety for the defending Super Bowl Champs the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Cover - Madden 10

Will both (Polamalu & Fitzgerald) suffer from the Madden Curse? Or maybe only one? Only time will tell...

I’m definitely feeling the cover.  I think once again the folks at EA sports have outdone themselves by choosing two great impact players from the 08 season.  Let’s just hope that they don’t become victims of the Madden Curse.

What do you think… Will the curse continue? Perhaps only affect one these guys? Let me know your thoughts… My call is that one of them will definitely have an injury or will not live up to expectations and the curse will live on.  Either way, great cover and cant’ wait till Madden 10 comes out in August!


2 Responses

  1. Ohh No… Both are definitely going down!

  2. Yeah, these guys are doomed now.

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