Cheryl Miller vs. Scott Pollard – Cheryl KO’s Pollard

Just like Mike Tyson did to Marvis Frazier in ’86, Cheryl Miller clearly had this victory in hand about 30 seconds into the broadcast.

After you see the above video from NBA TV you can clearly see that Scott’s arguments are totally ridiculous.   You have a 10-year NBA veteran who was Pollard-Crazynessnever a starter during the regular season and whose only claim to fame during his playing career were his crazy hairstyles (**special note – at the beginning of the video clip, Pollard is showcasing his ring like he actually did something to earn it, when he never played one single minute during the ENTIRE NBA playoffs & finals) vs. Cheryl Miller – one of the best male or female basketball players who ever lived, who led USC to 2 national championships, scored 105 points in a game and amongst her many, many accomplishments is a member of the basketball HALL OF FAME.cheryl-miller-the truth

During the clip Miller tells Pollard, research me and you’ll know I’m the truth unlike Pollard who as we all know his only claim to fame, was not his skills on the court but rather his relationship with his barber.

Pollard challenges Miller during the exchange, I’d love to see this game go down… But we all know who the victor will be,  my money is on Cheryl – all day, everyday!


One Response

  1. As a basketball player Scott Pollard is a joke, a big stiff who couldn’t make my daughter’s CYO team. He has no respect for people (Miller) who have contribued more to the game of basketball than he will ever know. Show some respect, Pollard.

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