An NCAA Woman’s Championship to Oklahoma? It’s guaranteed by Sr. Center Courtney Paris

C. Paris - Sr. Center from OU

About a month ago Senior Center Courtney Paris from Oklahoma University promised the world that if the Sooners did not win the upcoming NCAA Women’s Championship she would repay the OK University her athletic scholarship, roughly worth $100,000 (out of state tuition). She said, “I don’t feel like I’ve earned it.”

Her promise sent the sports world into shock.  How dare she declare that her Sooners will claim the NCAA Women’s championship?

Well I think it was a pretty gutsy move on her behalf, but if anyone can back up such a guarantee, Courtney Paris is a great candidate.  To those of you who are unfamiliar with Paris, let me give you a brief intro.  She is the daughter of former NFL player William “Bubba” Paris.  She and her twin sister Ashley have been playing for Oklahoma since 2005.  In her four years there, she has been the only player male or female in NCAA history to achieve 700 points, 500 rebounds, and 100 blocks in a season.  She will be finishing her career at OU with over 2,500 points and over 2,000 rebounds (also the only player male of female to ever achieve such career totals).

So Courtney Paris can definitely handle the load of her guarantee.  Through Sr. Center-C. Paristhe first 3 rounds of the tournament she and her teammates have upheld her promise by beating Prairie View A&M 76-47, Georgia Tech 69-50, and Pitt 70-59.  Paris’ averages throughout those games 10 pts, 11.6 rebounds, 4 blocks & 1.6 steals.  The team’s next opponent, a 6th ranked Purdue team fresh off an upset by defeating Rutgers.

Courtney and the Sooners are in the Elite Eight, but face a tough task.  If they continue to win they know they will eventually face the CT Huskies – a team that has gone undefeated this season (including post season play) and who beat OU earlier this season by 28 pts.

In a recent interview Courtney said, ” I feel like we’re not missing pieces, if we play hard, we execute, we are a great team that can win a national championship, if we don’t do that, it won’t be because we’re not good enough. So when you’re good enough and don’t do something, then you have to take accountability for that and that’s your own fault. We can win a national championship. If we don’t, I’ll feel like I didn’t earn my scholarship.”

So here’s hoping that Courtney and the Sooners can deliver on the promise of delivering a NCAA championship to the Oklahoma Sooner.   In an era where athletes rarely have the guts to make guarantees we must admire those who do.


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