Sports Movie Tournament – March Madness Style… CHAMPIONS!

During the past week, The Sports Bra Reports held a tournament for the Greatest Sports Move of all time. In this tournament we had 64 different movies competing in four different brackets.  Basketball, Baseball, Football & Misc. Sports.

The Final Four has produced these four movies from each region.  “White Men Can’t Jump” (Basketball), “A League of Their Own” (Baseball), “Remember the Titans” (Football) & “D2: The Mighty Ducks” (Misc. Region).

In the first match-up of the Greatest Sports Movie Tournament we have:

2:  WHITE MEN CAN’T JUMP vs. 3: A LEAGUE OF THEIR OWN: Tough match up here, in one corner we have Billy, Sidney & their non-stop trash talking – but they also have the skills to back it up.  In the other corner we have the Peaches & Jimmy Dugan, Dotty and Kitt.
WINNER:  2: WHITE MEN CAN’T JUMP – “I’ll tell you what. Why don’t we take all these bricks and build a shelter for the homeless, so maybe your mother will have a place to stay.” – Sidney

1: REMEMBER THE TITANS vs. 4: D2: THE MIGHTY DUCKS: Titans vs. Mighty Ducks. Coach Boone vs. Coach Bombay.
WINNER: 1: REMEMBER THE TITANS – Sorry Ducks, better luck next year but the Titans will go on to the Finals.


2: WHITE MEN CAN’T JUMP vs. 1: REMEMBER THE TITANS: Basketball vs. Football. Billy Hoyle & Sidney Deane vs. Coach Boone & the Titans.
WINNER: 2: WHITE MEN CAN’T JUMP – In an upset, I’m going to give the victory to Billy & Sidney.  Perhaps I’m partial to this movie because I am a bigger basketball fan that I am a football fan.  When I was a kid watching this movie it inspired me to go out to the playgrounds and play some ball.  Plus you have to respect the hustle of both players.

So congrats to 2: WHITE MEN CAN’T JUMP as it is the official winner of “The Greatest Sports Movie Tournament.”

sports-bra-sports-movie-champions-white-men can't jump

I don't mean to brag... but I'm the greatest! - Sidney Dean

I don't mean to brag... but I'm the greatest! - Sidney Dean

Agree or disagree with the choice? Let me know… thoughts are welcomed!


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  1. I missed the bulk to the tournament but ‘He Got Game’ is far superior to Rosie Perez whining about Woddy harrelsons gambling addiction. Nonetheless, I like this post and the concept. Alot of work went into it! Good job.

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