Sports Movie Tournament – March Madness Style

I love movies… specially if they’re sports movies.  So with the NCAA Men’s & Women’s Tournament (I have a little bit of March Madness on my brain), I decided to put together a field of the greatest 64 sports movies I have ever seen.  They will be broken down into four brackets – BASKETBALL, BASEBALL, FOOTBALL & MISC. SPORTS –

Why those four brackets? Well if you watch many movies, you will tend to see that Hollywood focuses mainly on the 3 major American sports (basketball, baseball & football) and every now and then they’ll throw in a movie about bowling, karate, surfing, soccer, etc.

So what makes these 64 sports movies so great.  Well to start off, they’re about sports! Second, they must have a solid story line (good guy overcoming the bad guy, bad team becoming good, redemption, etc.).  Third it has to have pretty decent actors.  Actors who can make you believe the part of whatever athlete/coach/fan they’re playing. Last but not least – It has to have recurring watchability? What’s watchability? Glad you asked, watchability (a word that doesn’t really exist – but sounds good doesn’t it?) is that when you come across this movie when flipping through channels – you stop and watch it (no matter how many times you’ve seen it) or you or someone you know has it in their DVD collection and you want to watch something good – you can always turn your favorite sports movie.  So that’s what makes these 64 sports movies great.

So ladies and gents, I present to you the official Sports Bra Reports….

“Sports Movie Tournament” – March Madness Style!

Below is the list of the 64 Greatest Sports Movies of all time.  Today I’m just listing the movies, check back in tomorrow as I break down which movies advance in each bracket and why.  If you have forgotten any of these movies – just scroll down and you’ll see their respective posters along with a few memorable quotes.

Greatest Sports Movie Tournament - Field of 64

(Click to Enlarge)


Let’s meet the competitors for the basketball region.

(The number right next to there name is the ranking of the movie within the region)

Basketball Region 1-4





The competition is tough in the baseball region… Let’s meet the competitors.












So there it is ladies and gents… The field of 64.  Think I missed one? Let me know!

Check back in tomorrow as we break down the bracket region by region.


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