La Maudite Beer – “The Brew Club” Review


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Hello Everyone… So every now and then, I’ll be doing beer reviews for The Brew Club and I’ll post a shortened version to share it with y’all.

I know what you’re thinking… What does beer reviews have to with sports?? Well let me ask you – What do most people have at sporting events? BEER!

So maybe these reviews will help you choose some come cool and different beers to have while your are watching your next sporting event, or to simply enjoy as your read our sports post!

Thus without further ado (drum roll please)… I present the Maudite Beer.

La Maudite Beer – Is a Belgium style ale with an 8% (pretty strong stuff) and brewed with ALE on LEES.

What made me choose this beer was the attention-grabbing label which has a picture of a canoe full of people floating in the air with strange looking demon at the bottom of it.  La Maudite - The Brew Club Review

As I take my first mouthful, my reaction is smooth but with a kick.  The flavor of the beer is malty, but not overwhelming.  It also tastes like there’s quite a few different spices in there that give an interesting flavor, but hard to differentiate.  The aftertaste of the beer is slightly tart, but it works because of the unusual spices.  Something else that I notice is that with most beers that I have tried in the past that are 7% or above you begin to get a liqourish-winish taste to it, but with this brew I detect none of that.

I certainly like this “damned” beer.  It’s unique, smooth and a pretty powerful Belgium style ale.

I give it 4 TBC’s (out of a possible five-being the best).

Four TBC's

Definitely recommend for everyone to give this beer a try, and will also buy it again at the store and at bars.

To Read the Full Review -Visit The Brew – La Maudite Review


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