Great Expectations – Bret “the Jet”

On August 7th, 2008 the NY Jets traded for Bret Lorenzo Farve, the 39 year old leader of the cheese heads aka the Green Bay Packers.

As NY Jet Fan I was ecstatic to think that Brett Favre – 3 time MVP, 10 time Pro Bowler, 7 Time All Pro Selection, Super Bowl Champion and part of the 1990’s All NFL Team – was going to be joining the New York J-E-T-S… Jets, Jets Jets!

C’mon if anyone with those credentials you’d be excited too, but like all things that is hyped up or that we look forward to they very, very, very rarely live up to their hype or our expectations.

Everyone who wasn’t a Jet’s fan, kept on telling us “He’s over the hill, he’s 39 how good can he really be, etc…etc” but Jets fan stood by the decision of Mike Tenanbaum, we we’re like “No, Brett’s got some stuff left in the tank, he’s definitely got something to prove.”   I even considered buying a number 4 Jets Jersey, and I wasn’t the only one, cause it was the number 1 selling jersey in the NFL for the 08 season.

So with “Great Expectations” Jets fans looked forward to the 08 season, and great-expectations-01for the first 11 games Bret-The Jet made us a believer, the Jets record was 8-3.. Sure he threw many, many reckless throws, but we forgave him b/c of all the late comebacks… and THEN… he stuck a dagger in our hearts!

The NY Jets proceeded to lose four of that last five games and in those five games Brett-The Jet threw for just 2 touchdowns and 8 interceptions – including a heartbreaking loss to the Miami Dolphins and Chad Pennington – who the Jets let go the day after they acquired Favre.  That loss to the Dolphins ended the playoff hopes for the Jets, Favre finished with 22 TD’s and 22 INT’s for the season.  But the stats don’t tell the whole story.  If you watched those final  5 games of the season, you could definitely tell that Brett didn’t seem too comfortable with the team and neither them with him.  Perhaps they were just faking it the first 11 games in the season, and in the end when the real teams make it, and the ones who do don’t.

So once again the Jets season ended without a playoff berth.  As Favre ponders his future, I think he said it as he told Mike Tenenbaum as he left the locker room after that Miami loss… “It may be time to look in a different direction.”  You’re right Favre, for the Jets we’ll be looking for a QB for our 09 season, for you look, into the direction of retirement, you have nothing else to prove.


Yet, whoever we have at the helm, I’ll always be shouting J-E-T-S.. Jets! Jets!! Jets!!


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