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Lebron James Chooses to Join Wade & Bosh in Miami

Lebron James sat across Jim Grey at approximately 9:45 pm EST last night during his ESPN special titled “The Decision”  and announced to the world that his plans were to join forces with Dwanye Wade & Chris Bosh in Miami.  Lebron cited the chances to win championships now and in the future as his main reasons for leaving Cleveland and taking his talents to South Beach.

Lebron James Jersey Burning

People in Cleveland show the world exactly how the feel about Lebron's decision to leave town and join Dwayne Wade & Chris Bosh in Miami.

In the instant that those words came out of Lebron James’ mouth several Cleveland fans took to the streets to show public outrage for his decision.  Some going as far as burning his #23 Cleveland jersey; which I believe is a bit extreme.  I feel for the Cleveland fan, but at the same token Lebron gave the Cavs and it’s fans seven great years.  He brought that team back from the dead and made basketball relevant in that town again.  I truly believe that Lebron did all he could to try to get that city a professional championship and  even though he is “The Chosen One” he just didn’t have the pieces around him.

Now as he moves on to the Miami Heat I believe that in the next 5 years he will probably have the opportunity to win several titles.  No one knows how Lebron James, Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh will blend as teammates in 82+ games regular season, but you have to believe that having 2 of the top 5 five players in the NBA automatically puts them in contention.

Even though I feel that it would have been great if Lebron stayed and delivered a championship to his home state of Ohio, I believe that we shouldn’t paint him as a villain for following his dream to pursue championships in Miami alongside other superstars, let’s hope he accomplishes just that.

Lebron James Heat, Lebron James Miami, Lebron James Miami Heat,  Dwayne Wade Heat, Chris Bosh Heat - The New Big 3

The new "BIG 3" - Lebron James, Dwayne Wade & Chris Bosh of the Miami Heat

Lebron James Team Destination Revealed Tomorrow

The sports media world has been in a frenzy these past few days wondering where will Lebron James play the next few years in the NBA.  Everyone has an opinion on his future team.  Some say he will join Chris Bosh and Dwayne Wade in Miami and form a Dream Team trio, others believe he will be joining A’mare Stoudemire and the Knicks and others think he will remain in Ohio and continue to be the hometown hero.

Whatever Lebron’s choice will be, the world will found out tomorrow when ESPN will air a special at 9 p.m. EST time called “The Decision.”

Here at The Sports Bra Reports we believe he’ll be staying in Cleveland and try to deliver that elusive championship to the city.  Where do YOU think he’ll be playing next season?  Tune in tomorrow to find out!

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The question on everyone's mind... Where will Lebron James play next season? Will it be the Cavs? Maybe the Knicks or Nets?

NBA Finals: Game 7 – Lakers repeat as NBA Champs! Final Score 83-79!

Liz's Toons, Kobe Cartoon, NBA Finals 2010, NBa Finals Cartoon, Game 7

Kobe & The Lakers win the 2010 NBA Championship in 7 games over the Boston Celtics! Final score 83-79! Kobe claims his 5th NBA title; Coach Phil Jackson claims his 11th & the Lakers franchise get their 16th title!

Kobe Bryant cemented his legacy in Lakers history by winning his 5th championship for the franchise.  In a highly contested back and forth game, the Los Angeles Lakers outlasted the Boston Celtics 83-79 to claim the 2010 NBA Championship, 2nd straight and their 16th title in franchise history.

The Boston Celtics played a hard fought game but simply didn’t have enough to make good of the 13-point lead they had mid-way through the third quater.  All of the Celtics starters played more than 40 mins in this game and all scored in double figures but there just wasn’t enough left in the tank to win the game.

In the 4th quarter Kobe Bryant and his teammates seized the opportunity and came back to win the game with a total team contribution even though Kobe struggled for most of the game.  Ron Artest saved the best for the final game of the series scoring 20 pts and recording 5 steals. Another Laker who hugely contributed in the win was Spaniard Pau Gasol who scored 19 points and grabbed 18 rebounds.

Kobe claimed the finals MVP trophy and when asked about how did it feel to win another title, he responded with “Just got one more than Shaq. You can take that to the bank. You know how I am. I don’t forget anything.”

Even though I’m not a fan of Kobe or the Lakers, congrats to their fans, players and team for claiming the 2010 NBA Championship.

NBA Finals: Game 5 & 6 Recap… Plus who will be your 2010 NBA Champ?

Liz's Toons!, Kobe Cartoon, Paul Pierce Cartoon, NBa Finals Cartoon

Game 5 Winner The Boston Celtics... Game 6 Winner The Los Angeles Lakers... Game 7 Winner & 2010 NBA Champs?!? To Be Determined!

The 2010 NBA champs will be determined tonight in Los Angeles… Who do you think will win it all?

With the Celtics winning Game 5 in Boston 92-86 many believed that they we’re going to go to Los Angeles and claim the chip in Game 6.  Lakers thought different from most.  In Game 6 Kobe Bryant scored 26 points and grabbed 11 rebounds while leading the Lakers to an easy victory over the Celtics, they won the game 89-67.

In what has become a rarity in the NBA tonight’s game 7 will be a classic with winner taking the 2010 NBA Champoinship.  What will be surely an instant classic we at the Sports Bra Reports think despite home-court advantage the Lakers will fall to the Celtics for a second time in the NBA finals and the Big 4 (Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen, Paul Pierce & Rajon Rando) will claim their second chip in 3 years.

What do you guys think? Lakers or Celtics?

2010 NBA Champs... Who will it be?

World Cup: USA vs. England 1-1 Highlights by Lego

As you probably know by now, USA played England in their opening match of Group C play during the World Cup on Saturday.  The game ended in a 1-1 tie.  England scored first on a goal by midfielder Steven Gerrard.  At the 40th minute of the first half US midfielder Clint Dempsey provided the equalizer.

Many thought the shot by Dempsey had no chance of going of in, but long behold English goal keeper made a mistake and he paid for it.  Haven’t seen the highlights yet? Well have no fear, the folks at gaurdian.co.uk/worldcup2010 have put together this pretty cool video reenactment using Lego’s.

NBA Finals 2010 – Game 4: Series Tied!

Liz's Toons!, Glen Davis, Glen Big Baby Davis, Big Baby Davis Drool, Glen Big Baby Celtics, Glen Big Baby Cartoon

Glen "Big Baby" Davis helps the Celtics off the bench to defeat the Lakers. Series tied 2-2!

Taking care of business on their home court in the 2010 NBA finals, the Boston Celtics tie the series versus the Los Angeles Lakers 2-2.

The Celtics won the game 96-89 with the bench players coming through and contributing big plays in key moments.  The Celtics bench scored 36 points and the biggest contributor off the bench was Glen “Big Baby” Davis.  In 22 minutes, he scored 18 points and grabbed 6 rebounds.  Another contributor off the bench was Nate Robinson who chipped in 12 points.  Kobe Bryant scored 33 points in the loss for the Lakers.

Game 5 becomes a must win situation for the Celtics.  They hope to take the series lead as they head back to Los Angeles for games 6 & 7.